…be more than an accountant!

The future isn’t written and the architects of that future are ourselves.

At Wise up Now our mission is to help finance staff to be much more than just an accountant and to achieve more impact in their organisations.We achieve this in the following ways:

Finance leadership development

A problem experienced by many organisations is how to get their newly qualified and now more highly paid accountants to add real value to the business. Wise up now has created a structured development program 70% on the job, 20% through structured networking and mentoring, and 10% direct development to accelerate individuals to become finance leaders and business partners as soon as possible. Wise up now will act as a co-ordinator and program mentor but the program works best when the business utilizes its already established network. Another benefit of such an approach is the business knowledge and awareness created. It is also designed to be mostly on the job is therefore very cost effective.

Finance Business Partnering

Due to advances in technology and a move away from transactional accounting work, finance staff are being increasingly being asked to embrace a more business partnering role. We work with finance teams to help develop their partnering skills. This can simply involve acting as a firestarter  at company conferences to the development of bespoke programmes to help improve the impact of the finance team.

Accounting Innovation

If you maybe have said to your self I would like to do better in my job or I would like my company to improve its revenue and profits what did you do. Very few of actually make time to think where new opportunities might come from or even prototype a new product or service. Instead we focus almost all our efforts on getting the job done. The only drawback of that is that activity we focus so hard on will eventually become redundant and we will be in trouble because we have not made time to develop an alternative approach.

We aim to help organisations and individuals design better futures for themselves through acting as facilators of new ideas and conduits of corporate feelings to help finance staff consider an alternative approach. It’s not rocket science but very few people take the time to improve their way of doing things and keep on spinning the same old hamster wheel they always have.

We can act to help businesses challenge the assumptions of the finance departments to ensure they get the funding they want for new initiatives. Many such initiatives despite leading to much higher growth potential are binned due to traditional investment appraisal methods. Wise up Now will help you develop an alternative view to such investment funding.

Community Support Programs

As part of our commitment to the community we aim to provide 5% of our output to help improve the community. There is no restriction on what we do here but so far have focused on our strengths in finance and business development. This has ranged from helping disaffected NEET’s to try to reprogram their approach to life and helping young entrepreneurs with business planning and development. You can as part of your CSR commitment purchase our services to help your own specific cause