How did the story end?

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pic of to do in 2015

Well we’re now into February 2015 and just a quick reminder that once upon a time there was a New Year’s Eve resolution. It had so much potential to change the world. But there was this nagging doubt, would it live long enough to succeed? What needs to happen so that a resolution has a long life and live ‘happily ever after’?

On a personal note I managed to stay alcohol free until about January 6th but I know you can do better.
Remember as a member of the finance team you were going to think about:

What do people want from us?

How could we provide this?

How can we make ourselves more relevant?

Who else could we include?

 If you are a subscriber who works outside of finance you should be challenging your finance colleagues to think
this way. All the very best in your year ahead.

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