To many non accounting staff the terms accounting innovation may seem an oxymoron. Wise up Now believes that without innovation many company’s focus almost all of their attention firefighting in their established business activities and no time establishing new pastures of growth. Innovation has been a management buzzword for a while now but how many organisations  incorporate it into their norms of business activity?

Many large firms are under pressure to achieve 4% to 6% organic growth each year which in a mature established market is likely to prove to be very difficult. Add a depressed economy into the mix and it is almost impossible. We are firm believers that innovation is the only route to developing fresh income streams

At Wise Up Now we have developed a program to help finance staff think a  little more innovatively so as to give just a little attention to  focus on potential new products and services so growth targets are likely to be more attainable. With a few changes to their mind set everyone is capable of becoming more innovative in their outlook.

…be more than an accountant!