If you don’t have great accounting information or the people with whom you are sharing your information don’t understand what the financial information is saying then that organization will not make the best decisions that it could make due to many of the decision makers being in the dark.

There is a trait in many companies to leave the numbers to the numbers people. However companies in which their staff don’t know the numbers are effectively involved in a game where most people playing don’t know what the score is

In our experience when employees understand the numbers they develop a feeling of ownership of the company and become much more engaged.

This investment in developing financial literacy of staff leads to staff asking the right questions about the numbers and often leading finance being asked to produce less reports which in turn frees up the finance team time to spend more time on business partnering activities.

Knowledge is like knowing a tomato is a fruit, understanding is not putting it in a fruit salad.

…be more than an accountant!